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I just wanted to say thank you for providing my family with consistent and professional care for years. We came to you in 2008 with 6 mouths to fix and maintain, and a small budget. You have been very patient and kind with all of us. My kids never feared going to the dentist. They actually enjoyed coming in to see you, and cutting up with your staff. It felt as though you guys were an extended part of our family because when one of us came in, you guys would ask about every member of our family (calling each name as if you knew us independently–I love having that personal care).

For me personally, I never received dental care as a child, which lead to a real mess inside my mouth! I’d had dentist in the past say that it wouldn’t be likely to fill in all the empty spaces created by rotting teeth from my childhood. Dr Pennington knew how embarrassed I was about my smile, and compassionately offered to take on the challenge of fixing my teeth. It took years to do all of the work necessary, (at the pace that my budget allowed), but my mouth is 100% tooth occupied! I smile with confidence, and can chew my food on both sides of my mouth!

Thank you so much for being our dentist, and our friend!

Chris & Debbie King
Brandon, Brittani, Christian & Corrie



I’ve been a patient of Dr Pennington since shortly after he opened his practice. He and his staff are not only professional but so friendly.

From crowns to night guards for grinding teeth, and of course basic cleaning, his office has met all of my needs!

AND these visits give me a chance to catch up with everyone’s children and maybe catch a glimpse of the tooth fairy as she flies off to a local elementary school.

Gladys Wood

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